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Alfa-Laval/Tri-Clover Biopharm Products opop Barnant opop Behringer opop

Stainless Steel - Tri-clamp & Auto-weld 316L
Positive Displacement Pumps - SX, SRU
Centrifugal Pumps - LKH, Solid C
Sanitary Pressure Gauges
Valves - Fractional Valves

Mixers - Overhead Mixer

Unique clean room style - Pipe & Tubing Supports

Crane Saunders opop Exigo Manufacturing opop Fluid Line Technologies opop

Diaphragm Valves - Sanitary Tri-Clamp and Autoweld
Pneumatic Actuators
Custom Machined Assemblies - Zero Static, Zero

Dead Leg, Point of Use

Exigo ManufacturingValves


Custom Products

Custom fabrications (Widgets), Sample Valves, Thermowells, and Prototype Pieces

Gilmont opop Girton Manufacturing opop
Flowmeters Girton Manufacturing

Custom Washing Equipment for all Pharmaceutical Applications

Masterflex opop Newman Sanitary Gasket Company opop

Peristaltic Pumps and Tubing

Newman Sanitary Gasket Company

Full Line of Sanitary Clamp Gaskets & O-rings

Pharmenta opop Rubber Fab Mold & Gasket Company opop  

Sampling Valves - AptiPort, SIPTube, Tank Bottom Valve

Rubber Fab Mold & Gasket CompanyUSP Class VI Sanitary Clamp Gaskets - Silicone, EPDM, Viton and Teflon Tuf-Steel & Tuf-Flex, TFE/Viton Sanitary Smart Gaskets, Biological Indicator Gaskets,Orifice Plates, Screen GasketsTorque-Rite


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics opop Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics opop Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics opop

Saint-Gobain Performance PlasticsBio-Simplex™:

Carboys, Erlenmeyer Flask Systems, Gamma Iirradiated Bottle Assembly Systems, Sampling Manifold Systems, Single-Use Molded Assemblies, Spinner Flask Accessories, Tubing End Assemblies


Câ��eal-Flex® TPE Ultra Sealer, Braided Tubing, EZ Top® Container Closures, Biopharmaceutical Tubing, ULTRA Biopharmaceutical Pump Tubing, Connect-Flex® TPE Tubing Welder, Critical Process Vessels, EZ Top® Container Closures

EZ Top® Container Closures

PFA Fittings

Low Spallation Pump Tubing

Biocompatible Tubing




continued >>

Saint-Gobain Performance PlasticsPure-Fit®: SBP Braid-Reinforced Hose, SC (sterile connectors), SIB (smooth inner bore) Systems, SMP Multi-Ply Reinforced Hose, SPT-50 Silicone Tubing, SPT-60 L Silicone Tubing, SVP Wire-Reinforced Hose, TC (standard tube clamps), TCL (large tube clamps), True Valve System

60 Biopharmaceutical Tubing, BDF Biopharmaceutical Tubing

Hose Identification System

EZ Top® Container Closures, Molded Assemblies, Sani-Link® Manifolds, Sani-Pro® High-Purity Rigid Piping and Components, Short Radius SIB® Sweep 90° Elbows, SIB®3 Smooth Inner Bore Welding System, SIL-250 Extended Life Silicone Tubing, STHT®-C Silicone Tubing, STHT®-R Braid-Reinforced Silicone Hose, STHT®-R-HD Heavy Duty Silicone Hose, STHT®-W Wire-Reinforced Silicone Hose, STHT®-W-CO Wire-Reinforced Silicone Hose (convoluted outer cover), Silicone Stoppers, Ultra Sani-Link® Manifolds, Ultra Silicone Tubing, Ultra-HP High Purity Hose

continued >>

Saint-Gobain Performance PlasticsTYGON®: EZ Top® Container Closures, 2475 I.B. High-Purity Pressure Tubing, 2475 High-Purity Tubing, 3350 Sanitary Silicone Tubing, 3355-L Extended Life Silicone Tubing, 3370 I.B. Braid-Reinforced Silicone Hose, E-1000 Non-DEHP Laboratory Tubing, E-3603 Non-DEHP Laboratory and Vacuum Tubing, E-LFL Tubing, ND: The Next Generation in Non-DEHP Tubing, EZ Top® Container Closures, ND: The Next Generation in Non-DEHP Tubing, Silicone Stoppers, Tygo-Linkâ�¢ Manifolds

Monobarb Sanitary Fittings

Flexible Components Teflon Hoses:

TLCT, WTLCT, SFTL Hose, Caged Chemfluor® FEP Site Gauge, MTLSJ Hose, TWOB, TBOB, TWOBHV & TBOBHV Hose, TWOP & TBOP Hose, Dip Tubes, Liquid Level Indicators, Inspection Ports, TLCTCO Hose, TSS Hose, TWOK & TBOK Hose, TWOY & TBOY Hose, WCS & BCS Hose, WCSS Hose, PharmaSmooth® Hose, Pure-Fit® FGR Rubber Hose

SVF Flow Controls opop Watson McDaniel opop  
SVF Flow Controls

Full Line of Sanitary & Industrial Three Piece Ball Valves, & Actuation

Watson McDaniel

Sanitary and Industrial Steam Regulators


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