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molded assembliesSaint Gobain's C-Flex® is a unique, patented thermoplastic elastomer specifically designed to meet the critical demands of the medical, pharmaceutical, research, biotech and diagnostics industries.
C-Flex® biopharmaceutical tubing has been used by many of the world's leading biotech and pharmaceutical processing companies for over 20 years. Each coil of C-Flex® tubing is extruded to precise ID, OD and wall dimensions. All tubing is formulated to meet the standards of the biopharmaceutical industry and is QA tested before leaving our production facility.

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Custom FabricationSaint Gobain's Pure-Fit® SIB® is a smooth inner bore (SIB) fitting and assembly system that provides a seamless transition between tubing and fittings, maintaining complete fluid integrity throughout the system. Quick and secure connections, as well as the prevention of fluid contamination and product loss through leakage, are critical in biopharmaceutical applications. Pure-Fit® SIB®, with its patented 360° compression seal, is the solution to these potential problems.

Pure-Fit® SIB® unique internal design reduces the risk of tubing being punctured or cut from sharp, barbed edges like those on traditional fitting systems. Because of the smooth inner bore design, Pure-Fit® SIB® eliminates turbulence (dead space) or stagnation of fluid flow, which creates areas for potential bacteria growth.

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mixersSaint Gobain's Sani-Tech® Sani-Link® manifold utilizes S.I.B®
(Smooth Inner Bore) technology to minimize the need for fittings,
connections or assembly. Leak points and entrapment areas are eliminated as part of this design. Sani-Tech® Sani-Link® manifolds are available for use with either STHT-C non-reinforced silicone tubing or STHT-R braid-reinforced silicone hose for elevated pressure applications. Sani-Tech® Sani-Link® manifolds can be autoclaved or cleaned and sterilized by SIP (braid-reinforced only), gamma radiation or CIP procedures.

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Platinum Non-braided Silicone opop  

molded assembliesSaint Gobain's Sani-Tech® STHT®-C is an ultra-pure biopharm-aceutical-grade tubing. This platinum-cured silicone tubing resists temperature extremes, ozone, radiation, moisture, compression sets, weathering and chemical attack, and imparts no odors to fluids transported within it. Sani-Tech® STHT®-C silicone tubing also withstands repeated autoclaving and sterilization methods and resists the adherence of blood products and other sanitary fluids. Sani-Tech® STHT®-C, in 1/16'' ID and greater, comes with laser-marked part numbers and lot codes to provide total product traceability.

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